Level 1-3

This course provides student background and exposure to the basics of the Spanish language. Students will begin language development through reading, writing, speaking, and listening.


10 Lessons

Spanish I

• Alphabet and vocabulary

• Feelings: How are you?

• The weather and seasons

• Numbers and questions like how old are you? How many there are? 

• Days of the week and months 

• Colors and shapes

• Family and house

• Parts of the body, clothing

• Animals and action verbs

• Food and likes/dislikes

• Verbs: basic sentence structure

Songs and story time (3-7 years old)


10 Lessons

Spanish II

• Review subjects from Spanish I

• Talk about your daily routine: Using reflexive verbs

• Describing homes and furniture, chores and responsibilities, hosting a party

• Tell the time: cardinal and ordinal numbers

• Sports, body parts, staying healthy

• Gender and number agreement: articles

• Talking about going on vacation.

• Noun pronouns and adjectives: sentence structure

• Regular and irregular verbs, asking simple questions

Reading comprehension


10 Lessons

Spanish III

Review subjects from Spanish II

Talk about activities you like and don’t like to do ¿Que te gusta hacer?

Expressing agreements or disagreements

Talk about personality traits: Use adjectives to describe people: ¿Como eres?

Adjectives, definitive and indefinite articles: word order

Talk about school schedules and subjects, action words.

Subject pronouns; present tense of -ar verbs

Describe places, like classroom and indicate where things are located

The verb “Estar”, plurals of nouns and articles

Talk about fooods and beverages: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Likes and dislikes

Present tense of verb -er and -ir

Discuss food, health and exercise choices

Talk about locations in your community, discuss leisure activities

Learn how to ask questions

The verb ir.

Describe families and talk about celebrations and parties

The verb tener, ser y estar, possessive adjectives