Generation Genius

Looking for engaging science lesson and resources? Generation Genius is a K-8 teaching resource that brings school science standards to life through fun and educational videos paired with lesson plans, activities, quizzes, reading material and more. Generation Genius is designed as a STEM-learning supplement. The lessons cover everything from life sciences to basic physics. Come join our Generation Genius classes at USTAR.

Science Lab STEM


In this class, children challenge themselves in finding ways for a small toy to cross a pretend river. While doing so, the children will be exposed to a few scientific and engineering concepts like buoyancy, structural strength… through a fun and engaging presentation.

Genius Science

This program will help you tap into that curiosity by teaching you the five major areas of science–Biology, Chemistry, Physics, the Earth and Sky, and the Human Body.

Genius Science

This program is carefully designed to inspire, demonstrate, and encourage young kids to explore science, not from words, but a 3D angle with teachers showing each step of different science experiments right in front of their eyes.The main goal of this program is to help kids grasp abstract and challenging science facts and skills. Each lesson is highly engaging and goal oriented. 



This class is designed to teach computer programming using the Python language. The goal is to introduce students to the Python language and its ecosystem. After this introduction level class, students will be able to continue exploring Python on their own.


Learn the fundamental skills of programming in a playful, interactive way and through open
ended projects. Create your own programs in Scratch, while you can learn how to write
good/clean/effective code.

Java Emerald

Beginner Level

The Java programming concepts include:
1. The Scanner class and System.out.print statements
2. variables and data types
3. if else if conditional statements
4. The for-loop structure



PreK- 8th Grade

Ustar provides systematic study of Lego Robotics Learning System, where we focus on igniting students’ passion for STEAM learning through playful problem solving and storytelling, preparing them to be resilient, independent thinkers.