Story of the world

G1-9th grade

Told in an entertaining, engaging style, The Story of the World uses the stories of women and men, countries and empires, rebels and rulers, peasants and presidents, to walk young readers through a continuous, chronological account of human events. The reading level of each volume increases slightly in difficulty, growing along with the developing ability of the children following the narrative thread. Volume 1 is a read-aloud for grades 1-2, an independent read for stronger readers in grades 2-5; Volume 2 is pitched towards grades 2-6; Volume 3, towards grades 3-6; and Volume 4, tackling the difficult topics of modern wars, has a reading level of grades 4-8.

G3-5 Volume 1

20 Lessons Volume 1: Ancient Times: From the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Emperor

Lesson 1: The First Nomads

Lesson 2: Making Mummies

Lesson 3: Egyptian Pyramids

Lesson 4: Hammurabi and the Babylonians & the Assyrians

Lesson 5: The River Road

Lesson 6: Pictograms of Ancient China

Lesson 7: The New Kingdom Of Egypt

Lesson 8: The Israelites Leave Egypt

Lesson 9: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Lesson 10: The Early Greeks

Lesson 11: The First Olympics

Lesson 12: Sparta and Athens

Lesson 13: The Golden Apple

Lesson 14: Alexander the Great

Lesson 15: The Roman Builders

Lesson 16: The Aryans of India

Lesson 17: Julius Caesar

Lesson 18: The Birth of Jesus

Lesson 19: The British Rebellion

Lesson 20: The End of Roma

G3-5 Volume 2

20 Lessons Volume 2: The Middle Age: From the Fall Of Rome to the Rise of the Renaissance

Lesson 1 Fall of Rome. 

Lesson 2 Early Britain

Lesson 3 Byzantine Empire

Lesson 4 The Kingdom of the Franks

Lesson 5 Rise of Islam

Lesson 6 Islam in Spain & Africa

Lesson 7 Vikings

Lesson First Kings of England

Lesson England After the Viking Conquest

Lesson 10 The Crusades

Lesson 11 The Mongols

Lesson 12 China

Lesson 13 The Ottoman Empire

Lesson 14 The Plague

Lesson 15 After the Plague-War

Lesson 16 Exploring the New World

Lesson 17 Spain & Portugal in the New World

Lesson 18 Martin Luther

Lesson 19 The Renaissance

Lesson 20 The World at the End of the 16th Century