Summer Camp 2023

Small class quality class


5 Half Day Camp:$350

5 Full Day Camp: $660

You can choose serveral days: $140 per day

*Lunch is included when enroll full day

Tuition Payment, we support the following methods:

Zelle: pay to


1 Subject $140 / 2 Subjects $250

5% discount when enroll 2 more camps

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PreK - 12th Grade

Super engaging and fun chess class. Come and learn tactics, strategies and how to beat your opponent! Get better at calculating, trapping and anticipating moves.


PreK - 9th Grade

Professional systematic art classes for all ages from 4 to 15 years old with small classes at different times. Children’s painting/drawing/sketching/ink painting/watercolor/acrylic/oil painting, from entry to mastery, step by step. Help your child prepare his or her portfolio. We also provide adult art class, parent and me art class.


Age 5-9

The children will make up stories and then choose their favorite characters and costumes. Then we will design and build a stage as a group and children play their roles on the stage.