K-8th grade

All lessons in this thematic unit will include: Warm-up Question, Guided Reading, Vocabulary, Activity, and Assessment. Google Earth, Youtube and other platforms will be utilized to bring the students an interactive experience that assists them with the process of building English language skills while learning about the geography and history of the United States.



& History

20 Lessons

Lesson 1 Earliest Americans
Lesson 2 Native American
Lesson 3 Explorers
Lesson 4 Chris Columbus
Lesson 5 4 Famous Explorers
Lesson 6 bill of rights
Lesson 7 The Constitution of the United States of America
Lesson 8 Amer. Government

Lesson 9 American Symbols
Lesson 10 Ancient Greece Geography
Lesson 11 
Lesson 12 Ancient China
Lesson 13 Beginnings Of Ancient China
Lesson 14 China
Lesson 15 Complete Ancient Egyptian Unit

G1-2 A

Geography of United States & Native Tribes

10 Lessons

Lesson 1: Understanding the Globe and Maps
Lesson 2: Water and Landforms bay and valley while students examine maps to discover physical land properties that exist around the United States.
Lesson 3: Physical Features of the United States
Lesson 4: Project-Based Learning
Lesson 5: Indigenous Origin Stories-
Lesson 6: Migration Routes of the First Americans
Lesson 7: American Natives and the Environment
Lesson 8: Native People Adapt to the Environment
Lesson 9: Project-Based Learning
Lesson 10: Introduction to Native Cultural Regions and European Exploration

G1-2 B

European Exploration & Settlement in the Colonies

15 Lessons

Lesson 1: Introduction to European Exploration
Lesson 2: Columbus’ Voyage
Lesson 3: Settlement in the Americas
Lesson 4: European Conflicts
Lesson 5: European Settlements
Lesson 6: Early Colonial Relationships with Natives
Lesson 7: New England, Middle and Southern Colonies
Lesson 8: Economy of the Colonies
Lesson 9: Dilemmas and Choices
Lesson 10: A Slave Colony
Lesson 11: British Control Begins
Lesson 12: King George Strengthens Control
Lesson 13: Loyalists and Patriots
Lesson 14: Revolutionary Mindset
Lesson 15: Declaration of Independence

G3-4 A

Ancient World History

10 Lessons

Lesson 1- Ancient Sumeria
Lesson 2- Empires of Mesopotamia
Lesson 3- Ancient Persia
Lesson 4- Ancient Egypt and the Middle East
Lesson 5- Ancient India
Lesson 6- Project Based Learning
Lesson 7- Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism
Lesson 8- Ancient Greece
Lesson 9- Ancient Rome
Lesson 10- Project Based Learning

G3-4 B

World Medieval Times History

16 Lessons

Lesson 1- Overview of Unit
Lesson 2- Dynasties of Imperial China
Lesson 3- Economy of Imperial China
Lesson 4- China’s Contact with the Outside World
Lesson 5- Introduction to Medieval Japan
Lesson 6- Japan’s Golden Age
Lesson 7- Japanese Warrior Class
Lesson 8- Mongolian Empire
Lesson 9- Introduction to Medieval Europe
Lesson 10- The Fall of Rome and the Legac
Lesson 11- Feudalism in Western Europe
Lesson 12- World Religion: Christianity
Lesson 13- Church in Western Europe
Lesson 14-You can view more details after enrolled the class
Lesson 15- You can view more details after enrolled the class
Lesson 16-You can view more details after enrolled the class

G5-6 A

Native Cultural Regions and European Exploration

10 Lessons

Lesson 1: Natives of the Arctic
Lesson 2: Northwest and Plateau Natives
Lesson 3: Native Americans of California and Great Basin
Lesson 4: Native Americans of the Southwest and Great Plains
Lesson 5: Natives of the Eastern Region
Lesson 6: Digging Up the Past
Lesson 7: Project-Based Learning
Lesson 8: Spain’s Empire
Lesson 9: French/English Colonies
Lesson 10: Project-Based Learning

G5-6 B

European Exploration & Settlement in the Colonies

16 Lessons

Lesson 1: Britain’s Acts in the Colonies
Lesson 2: Colonists Actions and Early Battles
Lesson 3: Declaration of Independence
Lesson 4: Battle Victories and Defeats
Lesson 5: Impact of the American Revolution
Lesson 6: Creating the Constitution
Lesson 7: Constitutional Process
Lesson 8: Branches of Government
Lesson 9: Federal/State Powers and the Bill of Rights
Lesson 10: Constitutional Amendments
Lesson 11: Views of Federalist and Republicn Parties
Lesson 12: Election of 1800 and Foreign Policy
Lesson 13: Piracy and the War of 1812
Lesson 14: Latin American Revolution and Tecumseh
Lesson 15: Culture of the New Republic
Lesson 16: Andrew Jackson: Heroe or Horror


American History

10 Lessons

Lesson 1: Life in Colonies Before 1763
Lesson 2: Early British Actions in Colonies
Lesson 3: The Boston Massacre
Lesson 4: The Boston Tea Party
Lesson 5: The Intolerable Acts
Lesson 6: Lexington and Concord
Lesson 7: The Colonists Organize an Army
Lesson 8: Declaration Of Independence
Lesson 9: Investigating Primary Sources
Lesson 10: Project Based Learning