English class with Thanksgiving Theme

Thanksgiving Week


Day one: 5 min

Intro: welcome 5 min

 – Intro: Talk about their day ask how they are feeling and if they are ready for class


Song: turkey hokey pokey 5 min

 – the song Turkey hokey pokey will play. We will learn actions first then sing songs.


Story: 20 min

 – Introducing the story “ A family Thanksgiving” . Ask questions about the cover and ask to make predictions about what will happen in the story. Then take turns reading the pages. At the end of the story ask questions about the characters, setting, the plot, theme, problem and solution.


Vocabulary: 10 mins

 – Go back over word make sure children remember then add in

       – acorn

       – cornucopia

       – turkey

 – children again will learn meaning and use them in sentences


Activity: 5 min

 – we will do a thanksgiving theme find and seek page


Activity: 15 min

 – we will play thanksgiving bingo. I will have a card of bingo with thanksgiving items in boxes students will see if we have a bingo or no bingo.


Day Two

Into: welcome 5 min.

 -introduction: make sure everyone has enough time to get into class. Ask questions and introduce the word Thanksgiving. Ask children about what their thanksgiving looks like, if they celebrate and what they do


Vocabulary: 5 min


 – feast

  – family



Video: 35 min

 – introduce video. This video is a common thanksgiving in America. It will be a fun introduction to the theme of the week.

 – after video you can then ask questions about characters, setting, plot, problems and how they were solved. Difference in how the characters celebrate thanksgiving versus how students do.


Activity : 15 min

 – children will need to have a piece of paper and something to write or color with. We will make hand traced turkeys, color and if are able write happy thanksgiving.




Day three:

Intro: welcome 5 mins

 Introductions about how they feel and the day


Song: 5 min

 – start with a thanksgiving theme song


Story: 20 min

 – will read a Turkey Thanksgiving story. Ask questions about characters, setting, plot, problem and solution and ask what type of story they think it is. Fiction ETC.


Vocabulary: 15 mins

 – we will go over previous words and meanings and then do a thanksgiving word search


Activity: 15 mins

 – for this activity children will need pencil and paper. Students can write, draw or both something they are thankful for. They will then explain it to the class.



Day 4:

Intro: welcome 5 min

 – make sure children have enough time to enter class, introduce them again, and ask children about themselves.


Song: 5 min

 – thanksgiving overture is a funky song to get the students in the mood to learn and have fun

Lin’s thanksgiving


Story: 20 min

 – Thanksgiving parade story: have children take turns reading the stories and then ask questions about characters, setting, plot, problem and solution


Vocabulary: 10 min

 – go over words from week plus add these words that the children will learn the meaning and how to use them in sentences

     – parade

     – pilgrim

     – float

Activity: 10 min

 – thanksgiving scavenger hunt. Children will go around and find several things around there house having to do with thanksgiving.

     – we will find things relating to fall/ thanksgiving

       – vegetable, fall decoration , hat, something that has a pumpkin, something that is a fall color,


Activity: 10 min

 – thanksgiving games



Day 5 :

 Intro: welcome 5 min

   – make sure students have ample time to join classroom, ask questions about their day, if they are excited about the upcoming holiday


Video: franklin’s thanksgiving 10 min

   – after watch the video of the story then we will ask the questions about the characters, setting, themes, plot, problem and solution


Video: Bernstein bears thanksgiving 20 min

   – another story that we will watch and answer the questions about characters, setting, themes, plot, problem and solution


Vocabulary: 10 min

 – have small quiz based on all of the vocabulary we have studied


Activity: 15 min

 – we will be making a drawing of our favorite thanksgiving food and then sharing with the class on what we made and why



extra thanksgiving games we can play and songs to sing for extra time.