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Aspiring Writers Club

My House

Audrey,Age 7

My house contains some interesting things. When you enter the front door, you will see our piano. You can hear me play it when I practice my music lessons. In this same room are some tents.

My Trip to Chicago

Elizabeth,Age 7

One day, my Dad and I went to Chicago. First we packed our things. Next, we called a taxi to drive us to the airport. At the airport we had to pass through metal detectors and wait for the airplane to arrive.

School Library

Mila,Age 7

As I walk in, I am greeted by the sounds of keyboard tapping and people chatting and arguing. This spot has two names: the school library and the student lounge.

We Must Have Our Mice

Xi Xi,Age 7

One day, three friends, Percy Parrot, Olivia Owl and Aria Snake were hunting in the forest. “I’m in the mood for mice,” Aria hissed. “Me too,” hooted Olivia. “Me three!” squawked Percy. So, they began slithering and flying sneakily in search of mice.

Yellowstone National Park

Neal,Age 8

Yellowstone National Park is a national park located in the western U.S.A. It is the first national park in the world. The park is known for its wildlife and geothermal features.

Mondays and Fridays

Xinxe,Age 7

 Mondays and Fridays might seem the same as they are both weekdays where you must go to work or school, but they really are not. On Mondays, you must return to work after a weekend.