Meet Ustar Education Teachers

We provide courses including English reading and writing, Public speaking, Debate, Math competition (AMC 8), Spanish, Singapore Math, Beast Academic Math, Chinese courses etc.

Meet USTAR Education Teachers

Ms. Joanna

English Teacher

Ms. Joanna has been teaching English for nine years, including in the classroom and online. She is a certified ESL instructor as well as an associate of Early Childhood Education. She creates a fun and interactive learning experience, and she loves knowing that she is helping children take their first steps to their true futures. She fills her class with a fun, goofy, positive atmosphere, while making sure her students have the learning materials they need.

Ms. Celine

French Teacher

Doctoral student with extensive experience teaching private lessons in
small and various cultural settings. My teaching style is focused on
students’ needs and abilities with strong emphasis on interactive
discussions. Learning should be efficient but pleasant. My French
lessons are based on the methodologies provided by the French
ministry of education.
I have myself learned foreign languages since an early age, having to
adjust in different school systems in South Korea, Mexico and the
United States. As an adult, improving my language skills is a continuous
endeavour, becoming fluent in Chinese being my lastest challenge. In
this journey, I met wonderful language teachers who shared their
wisdom and I am happy to share the same today.

Ms. Jenna

English Teacher

Ms. Jenna earned a master of arts in teaching from Saint Mary’s College of California and a bachelor of arts in history from San Francisco State University. Her education experience  has given her a strong foundation in education. Nine years of teaching experience in all grades has given her  a variety of skills to work with all ages. Commitment to learning and education is her life ambitions and is reflected in the work she does.

MS. Stella

English reading and writing K-3 grade

Ms. Stella, an experienced K-3 English Language Arts teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, strives to meet the needs and strengths of each student through individualized, differentiated instruction.  


English reading and writing K-3 grade

Ms. Saima has taught English to children for 16 years, and she loves watching young minds develop into wonderful readers and writers. Her job as a facilitator is to develop enriching, engaging lessons that stretch the thinking of all her young students.


English reading and writing 3-6

Ms. Benno, an experienced English teacher and a Digital Literacy Coach, has taught reading and writing for over 20 years. She has served on the Discovery Education Texas State Leadership Council and been a Discovery Star Educator since 2010.


Public speaking 3-6

Ms. Jimilee holds a Bachelors Degree in Speech Communications and Theatre. She coached 3rd-6th grade storytelling, impromptu speaking, and oral interpretation, where the majority of her students took home medals.

Mrs. Huma

Preschool-G1 English/Math

Mrs. Huma is an experienced teacher with a Masters in English. She is experienced in teaching Pre-AP/Honors American Literature; She taught Middle School English and World Literature, and tutored ACT Prep and college level English.


Public speaking/Debate 5-9

Ms. Bell has nearly 20 years of teaching and leadership experience in education. She has coached several district, regional, state, and national speech and debate team competitors. 

MR. Ray


Mr. Ray has been teaching English Language Arts for 7 years. He strives to see every student’s unique needs and demands, helping them succeed in reading and writing for literature and informational texts.

MS. Becky

Spanish I and II

Ms. Becky is an experienced Spanish teacher and has taught at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels. She has earned her bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language, Literature, and Cultures and Secondary Education. 

Mr. Jonathan

Spanish III and AP Spanish

Mr. Jonathan has taught Spanish for 18 years. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Hispanic Culture and Language and a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction. This will be his 9th year teaching on an online platform. 




  • 少儿播音主持、朗诵、演讲教学
  • 独立编写教材
  • 少儿表演课程教学
  • 高级教师资格证高中语文
  • 普通话二级甲等



2007年毕业于湖北大学汉语言文学专业,毕业10多年来,一直从事语文教学工作,积累了不少经验。每年都辅导学生参加作文竞赛,成绩显著,在麻城市举办的优质课教学大赛中获得二等奖,在黄冈市举办的论文大赛中《作文如何选材》一文获得一等奖,2018年在“中国好教育”“同课异构”“荆楚同盟”教学比武大赛中,获得二等奖。 在学校进行语文教学工作的同时,也在校外培训机构教授小学语文,针对不同学生不同特点制定不同的教学计划,丰富的课堂受到不少学生喜爱。网上授课与公立学校课堂很大不同,灵活多变,必须抓住学生兴趣点,这一点我深有体会,在上课时贯彻这一点,运用到教学实践中。







Ms. Tan

Math Teacher

Ms. Tan has taught elementary and middle school mathematics for 15 years. She is an experienced contest math instructor at local Chinese schools and Idea Math in Texas. She has over 20 years of experience working for a fortune 500 company.

Mr. Josh

History Teacher

Mr. Josh loves to give students the opportunities and resources to help them grow. He enjoys a fun and lively classroom setting in which he typically focuses on critical thinking analysis, discussion, and the expansion of vocabulary understanding and usage. 

Ms. Lara

English Teacher

Ms. Lara has taught English for fifteen years in countries all over the world. She was nominated for Teacher of the Year in 2015. She enjoys working with students and learning from them, finding new ways to communicate and understand the world around us.

Ms. Cheri

Math Teacher

Ms. Cheri has been teaching math for 32 years. She has taught math classes online for nine years. She has won the “Best Math Teacher” award in her district, and she teaches all levels of high school math.

Ms. Nichole

Science Teacher

Ms. Nichole has been teaching science in schools across the United States. After earning her Bachelor’s in Microbiology with a minor in Chemistry, she went on to achieve her Master’s in Early Childhood Education. She loves hands-on experiments and helping children to learn and discover.

Mr. Josh

Math Teacher

Mr. Josh is passionate for mathematics, teaching, and helping his students reach their full potential. He has taught many levels of math to children of all ages. He promises to provide each and every one of his students with the highest quality of education possible.

Ms. Paola

Spanish Teacher

Ms. Paola, a Peru native, has taught all levels of Spanish from kindergarten to high school. She has a passion for teaching, and she loves to teach students in a meaningful and creative way. She emphasizes the importance of exposing children to a multicultural environment, as well has having fun while learning a new language. 

Mr. Andrew

Social Studies Teacher

Dr. Andrew earned his Master’s in education and has taught social studies for twenty years. He began working in the field of special education, as an education advocate. He has also achieved a Doctorate in Education. 

Ms. Teresa

English Teacher

Ms. Teresa has taught English for twenty years, and she emphasizes the need for supplemental education. She teaches with positivity because she believes that children need to see the joy that comes out of growing their minds. She has made it her goal to find out how each child will learn while enjoying their educational growth.

Mr. Tandria

English Teacher

Mr. Tandria holds a bachelor’s degree in Education with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education.  She have been teaching all subject areas in elementary for 9 years. Teaching is truly her passion. She is given the opportunity to mold the learning foundation of young minds and she plan to make that foundation a strong one. 

Ms. Sonya

English Teacher

Her teaching style depends on the class and teacher needs for the day, for example in a lab setting (Science Class) demonstrations are necessary, in an English Class, there might be a writing assignment in which she can assist. She likes to implement different styles, rather than just the direct teaching method.


Ms. Fareeha

English Teacher

Ms. Fareeha is a graduate from Pennsylvania State University. As a former Montessori School teacher, she has gained many years of hands-on teaching. She loves to learn her students’s strengths and help them become better readers. She has a philosophy of interactive, and she inspires students to set goals to reach their full potential. 

Ms. Rebekah

English Teacher

Biography Ms. Rebekah has a Bachelor’s Degree in elementary education.  She is an experienced teacher and has taught elementary school and preschool aged students for 18 years. She has experience in the classroom and online.   She enjoys individualizing lessons to reach all of her students.   She is a positive teacher who works hard to keep all of her students engaged and having fun while learning.

Mr. Bradley

English Teacher

Mr. Bradley has been teaching English for the past twenty years. He strives to help students increase their grammar, reading comprehension, writing, and vocabulary skills. Mr. Bradley makes all of his lessons engaging, helping students reach their full potential. 

Ms. Candice

English Teacher

Ms. Candice has almost two decades of professional experience as an educator teaching children in various settings. Her teaching style is patient and consistent. She like to sing and dance and encourage students to do the same. It is her goal to make learning FUN! Homework assigned will be reflective of the previous class, or will prepare you for what is to come. It is her goal that every one of her students become confident enough to teach, and always eager to learn more. 

Ms. Najebeeba

English Teacher

Ms. Krista

English Teacher

Mrs. Krista Knight loves to empower students by creating a welcoming and accepting environment and ensuring that learning is fun and meaningful. She looks forward to welcoming children to an interactive, highly energetic, and positive classroom. It’s important to her that they participate in class activities and apply the skills learned in real life. She will bring 23+ years of education experience, creativity, and knowledge to help child excel. In addition. She have a BA degree in Elementary Education & Early Childhood Education. 

Ms. Rona

English Teacher

Greetings, my name is Teacher Rona, and I am a passionate educator with over 20 years of experience teaching and tutoring students. I bring an energetic vibe to the class that make students eager to  attend class. I am committed to the academic success of my students. I engage students in the learning process by using relevant examples and breaking down key concepts in small parts. I use props and rewards in the classroom. I have earned 20 semester hours toward an Ed. D in Reading and Literacy, and a Master’s Degree in Education, and a Bachelors Degree in Business Management. I look forward to seeing you in my classroom where learning is always fun!

Mrs. Kateryna

Coding Teacher

She has a bachelor’s degree in Theater Management. She was a coding and science teacher and have been working with students of a different group from 6 to 16. y.o. for over 5 years. She loves technologies and currently teaching coding from Scratch and JavaScript programing languages. 

Mrs. Jennifer

English Teacher

Graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in English and Education. Studied abroad at Oxford University for one semester. I specialize in reading, writing, grammar, public speaking, vocabulary lessons, and ELA.  I am also TESOL certified and can teach EFL.