Ustar Winter Camp Reading Club

Want to explore the world in the comfort of your home and gain literary skills while sipping your hot cocoa this winter?

 We got you covered!

 Ustar’s many passionate literature teachers will take you on an incredible reading journey and make your winter filled with fun and knowledge! Come and join us!



This story shows you the importance of bravery and adventurous spirit!

 Newberry Medal Winner!



This book will teach you the acceptance of change in life,determination, ingenuity, bravery, and friendship!

Notable Children’s Book Award Winner



This book shows the beauty of friendship and tenacity!

Newberry Medal Winner!



This book teaches you all about love, trust, tenacity, and values in life!

U.S National Book Award winner! 


This book takes you on a journey of understanding independence, redemption, and friendship!

Newberry Medal Winner!