VRC club activities may include

1.Robot Building Workshops:

Host workshops where members can learn how to build different types of robots. Every month, the Club will focus on one mechanical prototype. 


2. Programming Sessions:

Conduct programming sessions where members can learn coding languages such as Python, or C++ and how to program microcontrollers and other hardware components. Every month, the Club will focus on one topic of coding skill (sensors application and algorithms ) 

3. Robotics Competitions team interaction:

These activities includes but not limits to  provide competition robot scrimmage during the competition season, coach support to improve the robot, opportunities for members to showcase their robots and compete against others.

4. STEM Outreach Programs:

Organize outreach programs in schools or communities to promote STEM education and inspire interest in robotics among younger students.

5. Guest Speakers:

Invite guest speakers such as engineers, researchers, or professionals working in the field of robotics to share their experiences and insights with club members.

6. Field Trips:

Arrange visits to robotics labs, companies, or universities to give members exposure to real-world applications of robotics and to network with professionals in the field.

7.Workshops on Specialized Skills:

Offer workshops on specialized skills relevant to robotics, such as 3D modeling and printing, electronics prototyping, sensor integration, or mechanical design.

8. Community Service Projects:

Engage in community service projects where members use their robotics skills to address local challenges or assist non-profit organizations.

9. Robot Demos:

Organize robot demonstrations at school events, science fairs, or community gatherings to showcase the capabilities of the club’s creations and generate interest in robotics.

10. Social Events:

Plan social events such as game nights, movie screenings, or outings to foster camaraderie and build a sense of community among club members.

11. Continuous Learning:

Facilitate a culture of continuous learning by encouraging members to share their knowledge and experiences, as well as keeping up with the latest developments in robotics through discussions, seminars, or online forums.

Tuition Fees: $300 a month