We Must Have Our Mice

XiXi,Age 7

        One day, three friends, Percy Parrot, Olivia Owl and Aria Snake were hunting in the forest. “I’m in the mood for mice,” Aria hissed. “Me too,” hooted Olivia. “Me three!” squawked Percy. So, they began slithering and flying sneakily in search of mice.

        Suddenly, three golden eagles swooped down from a tree and screeched: “THIS IS OUR TERRITORY! YOU MAY NOT ENTER!”

        “Oh please, oh please,” cried the three friends, “Won’t you let us go? We’re so hungry!” “Well, too bad,” the first eagle said. Olivia Owl piped up, “Hey, I’ve got an idea. We can have a contest. Whichever bird from each team can fly to the top of the tree and back wins. If your team wins, we will turn around and leave your territory. If our team wins, you must let us continue hunting here.”

        “Great idea,” the eagles chanted. And with that, a Golden Eagle and Olivia each raced off. Olivia was fast, but the eagle was even faster! On his way back down, the eagle turned to Olivia and laughed, “Ha-ha-ha!”—and then slammed into a beehive! Angry bees flew out and began stinging the Golden Eagle. Luckily, Olivia made her way back down to earth without a single sting. The other two eagles stared in amazement as the three friends walked and slithered away.

Off in the distance, the three friends could see a whole field of mice. But to get there, they would first have to pass through the Field of Super Storms. They were all desperately hungry, so they had no choice but to push ahead.

First, there were water geysers that were too high to fly over. These were easy to overcome. They only had to walk around the geyser spouts. Then there was a tsunami, which was more challenging. They found a log and carved a door into it, along with a safe space inside, then locked it tight. Since the log was hollow, it floated on top of the tsunami waves. Then they had to get past tornadoes. They soon realized that the area was crawling with moving flowers. These flowers agreed to help them out and lifted them past the tornadoes. Then came a hailstorm. Ooh, boy, this was rough… but they used vines and leaves to make umbrellas, and they all walked safely through the hailstorm. When they came to the volcano, they had no clue what to do. While they were trying to think of a plan, an anteater popped up and said his name was Akhil Anteater. They asked him if he could help. Akhil said “Yes!” and he dug a tunnel under the volcano. Then a snowstorm came. They couldn’t dig because the ground was frozen solid. By now they were starving. They began to cry, but just then a little cloud took pity on them. The cloud gave them each an oxygen mask so they could breathe and flew them high up and past the snowstorm. Throughout the ride, the Owl, the Parrot and the Snake chimed “Thank you!” Then they tried to hug the cloud, but unfortunately, she was a cloud and clouds are made of gas. They leapt off the cloud and into a bright field, where they began gobbling up mice. They did not notice but there was a sign that read, INFINITE MICE FIELD. WHOEVER EATS MICE IS WORTHY OF BEING BLESSED WITH POWERS.

The End. (For now.)