Wild Rescue series Chapter books.

This series for primary school kids mixes a number of intriguing elements to make it a success. High adventure, suspense, likeable characters, environmental issues, mystery and fast pace all work together to make this a page-turner for both boys and girls. Complete with black and white illustrations, each book has twins Ben and Zoe on a new rescue mission. Are they up to the challenges?


Story 1–Rainforest Rescue-

In the jungles of South Borneo, an orangutan has set up home on a dangerous palm oil plantation. He has been resisting all attempts to move him to the safety of the nearby reservation. When Ben and Zoe arrive to try to help, they discover that illegal logging is taking place. As they investigate, it quickly becomes clear that the orangutan isn’t the only one in grave danger.

Story 2- Polar Meltdown–

Following reports of a polar bear found dead near an Alaskan village, Dr Fisher is sending Ben and Zoe, Wild’s number one operatives, to investigate. It’s highly unusual for a polar bear to come so close to human habitation and this suggests something is seriously wrong. But the twins’ mission takes another turn when they discover that the dead bear had recently given birth. This means there is an orphaned cub out there. Will Ben and Zoe find it in time?

Story 3- Ocean S.O.S–

Ben and Zoe cruise to the Caribbean where a shady marine park has dumped an unwanted young dolphin into the sea. Having been raised in captivity, the dolphin is ill-equipped to survive on its own and soon finds itself in troubled waters. The twins must find the young dolphin and guide it to safety before the confused creature is lost at sea.

Story 4– Earthquake Escape–

After a massive earthquake, an orphaned giant panda cub escapes from its sanctuary in China’s Sichuan Province. With no bamboo to eat, and hungry leopards on the prowl, the cub is in serious trouble. Ben and Zoe have their work cut out for them if they want to save this endangered animal.

Story 5- Desert Danger–

Ben and Zoe travel to the Kalahari Desert, where a frantic lioness is keeping local people from their well. It seems her cub has fallen down the well, and it’s up to the children to rescue it. With some cool new gadgets, including a wind- and solar-powered dune buggy, they set off.

Story 6- Safari Survival–

Ben and Zoe rush to the Kenyan savannah to investigate the rapidly decreasing African elephant population. The twins soon discover that a group of hunters has been killing the endangered species for sport — and now they have their sights set on a mother elephant and her calf! The race is on for Ben and Zoe to track down the elephants before the hunters do.

Story 7- Avalanche Alert–

Ben and Zoe’s skills are put to the test when they are called to the rescue of those most elusive of creatures, a snow leopard and her cub. Following an avalanche, the big cats have been cut off from their territory and are surviving by eating sheep from a village. But now the locals plan to poison the leopards.