Winter Onsite Camp 2023

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5 Half Day Camp:$350

5 Full Day Camp: $660

You can choose several days: $140 per day

*Lunch is included when enroll full day

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Winter Camp (Nov - Dec)

- Lunch Included -

We have 4 groups offered:

Age 3.5-6 group / Age 7-9 group / Age 9-12 group / Age 11-13 gorup

Reading Camp: 名师伴读,品读经典,提升发散式和批判性思维
Spelling Bee Club: 在趣味阅读中嚼透单词,让背单词也能High 翻天!
Writing Camp: 主题写作营,讲—写—练—评,激发写作潜能,提升写作技能
Speaking Camp: 人人皆可成为演讲高
Chess Camp:专业棋手教练手把手指导战队,锦标赛实战演练,战术理论和实战经验完美结合
Art Camp:从绘画技巧到艺术流派到艺术史,逐步打造个人艺术风格
Lego Robotics Camp:每课一个机器人项目:学习—搭建—作品宣讲演练


Story Making & Drama Camp:故事自创-角色排练-舞台服装制作-舞台彩排-正式演出
Spelling Bee Club: 在趣味阅读中嚼透单词,让背单词也能High 翻天!
Art Camp:从绘画技巧到艺术流派到艺术史,逐步打造个人艺术风格
Lego Robotics Camp:每课一个机器人项目:学习—搭建—作品宣讲演练

The Secret Millionaire Camp:顶级财商思维启蒙课,Project-base学习方式,在实践中体验财商概念,小小创业家启蒙
Art Camp:从绘画技巧到艺术流派到艺术史,逐步打造个人艺术风格
Chess Camp:专业棋手教练手把手指导战队,锦标赛实战演练,战术理论和实战经验完美结合
Lego Robotics Camp:每课一个机器人项目:学习—搭建—作品宣讲演练

Vex Robotics

Age 5-14

At Ustar Education, we offer systematic training in various Vex platforms, including Vex Go, Vex IQ, and Vex competition. Our programs are designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to succeed in the world of Vex robotics. From beginners to advanced levels, our systematic approach ensures a progressive learning experience, enabling students to explore and master the exciting field of robotics. Join us at Ustar Education and unlock your potential in Vex robotics through our systematic training programs.


PreK- 8th Grade

Ustar provides systematic study of Lego Robotics Learning System, where we focus on igniting students’ passion for STEAM learning through playful problem solving and storytelling, preparing them to be resilient, independent thinkers.

The Secret Millionaire Club

Age 7 +

Each class, we will look at various entrepreneurs and discuss what makes them successful. Students will gain skills in critical thinking, math, numbers, finance, and economics as they learn how to apply these skills to their everyday life. We may look at slides, play games, view video clips, and have open discussions. Students will be encouraged to connect to real-life examples of the concepts discussed in class. This is a discussion-based class that helps students build communication skills while having fun and making friends. Whether your goal is to gain an introduction to making money or launch a full-blown business, this class is for you!


How does a student develop the self-confidence necessary to make a speech in public or at school? Simple! By spending some time this vacation in the Ustar Public Speaking 101 Camp! You can recognize your own areas of strength and development by discovering the skills necessary to overcome your natural fears of speaking in front of a group by participating in a series of speech activities and drills custom-designed to develop your talents as a dynamic communicator while having fun in our safe and supportive online classroom! Good oral communication is the one skill that teachers agree is the most important academic and social ability students can have in today’s world, and this is the best place and time to discover it!


Age 5-9

The children will make up stories and then choose their favorite characters and costumes. Then we will design and build a stage as a group and children play their roles on the stage.


PreK - 12th Grade

Super engaging and fun chess class. Come and learn tactics, strategies and how to beat your opponent! Get better at calculating, trapping and anticipating moves.


PreK - 9th Grade

Professional systematic art classes for all ages from 4 to 15 years old with small classes at different times. Children’s painting/drawing/sketching/ink painting/watercolor/acrylic/oil painting, from entry to mastery, step by step. Help your child prepare his or her portfolio. We also provide adult art class, parent and me art class.

Air Dry Clay

Clay art is one of the most popular, and fun art styles in recent times. Its popularity arises from its wide range of applications, enhanced creative freedom, and simplicity in usage.

Writing Camp

... ...


Reading Club

K-8th Grade

The best possible partner to help you get excellent children’s books into the hands of every child, to help them become successful reader.


Age 4 +


Air Dry Clay

Clay art is one of the most popular, and fun art styles in recent times. Its popularity arises from its wide range of applications, enhanced creative freedom, and simplicity in usage.

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