Small Size (3-4 students) Excellent Interactive Class

Wonders G2A

Course Intro

Unit 1 Stories:

Lesson 1 – Bruno’s New Home; Wolf!

Skills: Character; Fantasy; Synonyms

Lesson 2 – The Dream Catcher; Yoon and the Jade Bracelet

Skills: Sequence; Realistic Fiction; Context Clues

Lesson 3 – Room to Grow; Gary the Dreamer

Skills: Sequence; Narrative Nonfiction; Compound Words

Lesson 4: Mary Anderson’s Great Invention; All Aboard! Elijah McCoy’s Steam Engine

Skills: Cause and Effect; Biography; Metaphors

Lesson 5 – A Natural Beauty; A Mountain of History

Skills: Main Idea and Key Details; Expository Text; Multiple-Meaning Words

Unit 2 Stories:

Lesson 6 – Roadrunner’s Dance

Skills: Folktales; Antonyms; Theme

Lesson 7 – The Castle on Hester Street

Skills: Genre: Historical Fiction; Theme; Similes

Lesson 8 – Vote!

Skills: Prefixes; Author’s Point of View; Expository Text

Lesson 9 – Whooping Cranes in Danger

Skills: Suffixes; Expository Text; Author’s Point of View

Lesson 10 – The Inventor Thinks Up Helicopters

Skills: Alliteration & Rhyme; Similes; Limericks & Free Verse

Unit 3 Stories:

Lesson 11 – Martina the Beautiful Cockroach; Inchworm’s Tale

Skills: Folktales; Synonyms; Problem and Solution

Lesson 12 – Finding Lincoln; Jane’s Discovery

Skills: Idioms; Cause and Effect; Historical Fiction

Lesson 13 – Earth; Earth and Its Neighbors

Skills: Expository Text; Main Idea and Key Details; Suffixes

Lesson 14: Big Ideas from Nature; Bats Did it First

Skills: Root Words; Main Idea and Key Details; Expository Text

Lesson 15 – Riding the Rails West!; The Long Road to Oregon

Skills: Expository Text; Suffixes; Sequencing.

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