The New York(NY) Times Writing Contests

Students must be age 11- 19

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Available Contests

Ustar proudly present professional Writing Coaching

Ustar Prerequisites 

1All students will take a entrance writing assessment.

A personal narrative writing (200 words) is required and needs to be submitted

to Each submitted writing will be graded and evaluated by Ustar

Team.Students will be assigned to NY prep classes or NY contestant classes based on

their writing assessment placement. 

2$25 admission fee is required.

NY Prep Class Plan

What students will learn in this class:

All necessary writing skills

Students will be trained based on The New York Times contests rubrics and rules.

20 lessons per session


No deadline 


NY Contestant Class Plan

What students will learn in this class:
Students will be trained based on The New York Times contests rubrics and rules.
1st and 2rd classes: Teacher breaks down rubrics and rules of all contests, teacher helps students choose the fittest contest to apply.
3rd and 4th classes: Teacher breaks down awarded sample writings with students and analyzes why and how they won. .
5th and 6th classes: Teacher helps students settle down on topics and forms of writing and works with students on outlines and structures. Teacher assigns first draft.
7th class: offline draft one
writing+teaching grading (google doc)
8th class: zoom meeting
9th: offline draft two
writing+teaching grading (google doc)
10th: zoom meeting
11th:offline draft three
writing+teaching grading (google doc)
12th: zoom meeting
13:offline draft four writing+teaching grading (google doc) 14: zoom meeting 15: offline final draft+ teaching grading

1zoom class 讲解所有竞赛规则和写作要求 2zoom class 学生选题
3zoom class 往届得奖作品学习
4zoom class 学生练习+老师指导
5zoom class 学生定选题和写作形式
6zoom class 老师确定第一稿内容和要求
7: offline +学生当天写完交第一稿。
8: zoom class: 老师第一稿指导
9 offline:当天交第二稿。
10zoom class: 老师第二稿指导
11: offline 当天交第三稿。
12: zoom class: 老师第三稿指导
13:offline 当天交第四稿
14: zoom class: 老师第四稿指导
15: offline 当天交第五稿。 结课。

Total 15 lessons   Five drafts completed


Writing Contest Teacher Member eight years of experience as a teacher in English writing specialized at syntax writing training. applied linguistics bachelor and a master's degree in international relations at George State University. Loved by students for her goal-oriented,encouraging, and highly responsible teaching style.

Mr. Tyler

12 years of high school English literature and writing teaching experience. Graduated with a master degree in creative writing and bachelor in English. A current high school English teacher, Mr. Tyler ‘s highly organized lesson designs and efficient teaching styles are well-loved by our students in Ustar!