Ustar Spring Writing Boot Camp

Need to polish your writing skills and work on fun writing projects? Join the writing boot camp with us!

We cover the six core writing skills for grade students in a week!

Lesson 1: Predict the story and Extend the plot

Lesson 2: Write your heart out! Emotions and feelings description!

Lesson 3: Can’t write without topic sentences!

Lesson 4: Riveting beginning and ending writing

Lesson 5: Figure of speeches: Metaphor and simile

Lesson 6: Persuasive writing in a nutshell

Lesson 7: Writing a letter to Grandparents: Central idea and web diagram

Lesson 8: Three little pigs VS wolf opinion writing

Lesson 9: Sort the story Elements

Lesson 10: Create a story map

Lesson 11: Then What happened?

Lesson 12: Venn Diagram and me