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 We believe every child is uniquely gifted and deserve the best path possible to uncover and nurture potential talents. As parents, we strive to provide a variety of learning opportunities for our children.

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Ustar aims to be the one-stop online learning platform for your both parents and children and have developed a selection of courses including multilingual language communications, leadership development, logical thinking, mathematics enhancement, self-confidence and emotional management and along with many hands-on and practical real world problem solving scenarios to apply your learning here at Ustar. We are extremely selective in continuing to expand our curriculum and welcome qualified teachers and institutions to join our mission, the Ustar way of learning to succeed.

.Ustar is changing both the way of learning and the scope of learning with the followings:

Our Courses

Excellent Curriculum

Trustworthy online courses led by high-quality and enthusiastic teachers to keep children engaged and eager to learn.

Interactive and Sociable Online Learning

Online learners are able to interact with their peers and benefit from each other’s experiences, skills, and talents.

Small Class Teaching

Taking care of the needs of each child, while still creating an atmosphere similar to offline classroom teaching.

Affordable Price

Providing excellent courses at a more reasonable price through group purchasing with other students at the same level.

Parenting Development

Parenting Classes Online work with busy schedules and are the answer for anyone who wants to improve their parenting skills to be the best parent they can be.

Open Platform

Aim to become a promotion platform for excellent educational resources. Welcome teachers and educational institutions to publish courses here.

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We're looking for experienced teachers that is enthusiastic, self-motivated and responsible.


We provide open platform and marketing service for those who have the excellent education resources;
We also take over the Summer, Winter, and Fall Camp (between U.S. and China)

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