USTAR SuperKids English Language Arts Program L3

SuperKids Pearson New Edition is a fun and easy-to-follow six-level series for elementary school children learning English. Our program focuses on pronunciation, conversational skills, speaking, and listening. Through lively child characters and an engaging storyline, students can easily understand the learning content and use them in their daily lives.


Each lesson includes

‘’ Talk about it’’

‘’Listen and sing’’

 ‘’Write and do it yourself’’,

‘Building sentences’,

‘’Phonics pronunciation’’

to ensure students the best learning outcome!


Level 3: Total of 10 lessons, 40 minutes per lesson


Lesson 1 Days

Topic and vocabulary: days of the week

Grammar: question sentences

Lesson 2 Our House

Topic and vocabulary: parts of houses

Grammar: interrogative sentences

Lesson 3 Weather

Topic and vocabulary: types of weather

Grammar: ‘Does’,’Doesn’t’ Third person

Lesson 4 Telling Time

Topic and vocabulary: numbers and time

Grammar: plan of the day

Lesson 5 In a Toy Store

Topic and vocabulary: types of toys

Grammar: ask for things

Lesson 6 Eating Out 

Topic and vocabulary: types of food, dishes, table manners

Grammar: conversations

Lesson 7 Art Class

Topic and vocabulary: types of classroom materials

Grammar: did/didn’t

Lesson 8 After School

Topic and vocabulary: extracurricular words

Grammar: answering questions

Lesson 9 Class Party

Topic and vocabulary: fun activities

Grammar: future tense

Lesson 10: Holidays and vacations

Topic and vocabulary: holidays around the world


Grammar: question sentences