creative writing g2 recorded lesson

The Ustar recorded Write Source program provides a concentrated and highly structured writing teaching which includes the writing process,the forms of writing, the tools of learning, basic grammar and writing,a writer’s resource, and a proofreader’s guide. Teachers will also post detailed writing grading and useful writing tips on our writing community groups every week. 


Lesson 1: 细节描绘

how to write with “showing” instead of “telling”? 

Key Knowledge: Voice, Word choice, Specific nouns 


Lesson 2: 


how to write narrative writing with a timeline and an efficient topic sentence. 

Key Knowledge: timeline, narrative, experience description


Lesson 3:   


how to describe a person,how to write a strong opening, and how to organize events. 

Key Knowledge: gathering wheel, timeline, dialogue 


Lesson 4:   


how to develop the middle parts of your essay and end the essay the right way. 

Essential question: How to write to make connections with my readers? 

Key Knowledge: thoughts and feeling expression, dialogue, restate 



Lesson 5:   说明文写作

Students will learn how to write expository writing. 

Essential question: What details help explain the topic? 

Key Knowledge: word choice, topic, expository writing