Write Source

Write Source is a student-friendly, complete language arts curriculum that integrates grammar, usage, and mechanics within an authentic writing context.

With writing at the core of the program, students will learn the six traits of effective writing (ideas, organization, voice , word choice, sentence fluency, conventions) and the steps of the writing process (prewriting, writing, revising, editing, publishing) while writing on cross-curricular topics.

Aspiring Writer's Club

For aspiring writers, interacting with other writers, and receiving feedback is valuable. This is an ongoing class, so each week is a stand-alone lesson. Learners are welcome to join for one week or continue as long as they like. New learners are welcome to join at any time!  They will meet with a small group of their peers, share their writing, and give and receive constructive criticism.

Writers can submit the pieces they plan to share directly to their instructors  before a class meeting.