WW 3000 G1 2 students (08/17-03/08) Tue 9:40-10:20 PM CDT -30lessons-Jennifer-2021 Summer


Class Time: Tue, 9:40-10:20 PM CDT

Class Date: 08/17-03/08

Lessons: 15

Teacher: Jennifer

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The WW 3000 Series are designed to

help students expand critical grade-level vocabulary
improve reading comprehension
enhance logic writing in sentences and short stories.
Each grade includes 15 lessons. Each lesson is taught in one hour.
Students are REQUIRED to complete homework of part A,B question parts and ten comprehension questions.
Students will learn

part of speech, use of context clues, word study (Greek and Latin roots, prefixes and suffixes, synonyms and antonyms)
grade-level reading
Grammar and sentence writing
students will

practice vocabulary’s spelling, pronunciation, part of speech, and sentence writing.
complete pop quiz for comprehension skills and grammar.
Students will

read informational articles with math, science, language, and social study topics
perfect spelling, pronunciation, part of speech, and comprehension skills.

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