Public speaking G1-3 3-4 small group (05/12-08/18) Wed 7:40-8:40 PM CDT -15lessons–2021 Spring


Class Time: Wed , 7:40-8:40 PM CDT

Class Date: 05/12-08/18(之前ELA还是剩14节课转入,再补一节课费用)

Lessons: 15

Teacher: Ms. Parker


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Little Orators
Course Description: This class is designed to teach elementary and middle school students the fundamentals of public speaking that will enable them to develop confidence, self-esteem, critical thinking skills, creativity, and leadership. Participants will have a chance to improve their communication skills in a safe and secure environment. Time duration: 1 hour.
Course Breakdown and Objectives
Week 1:
The Beauty of Pictures
Which Do You Prefer
Objective: Students will have the opportunity to get to know each other through expressing likes and dislikes, discovering things we all have in common, and the basics of being a supportive audience member when others are speaking. Students will also be able to express their creativity and imagination skills through describing beautiful pictures
Week 2:
My Favorite Picture
Introducing My New Friend
Objective: Students will continue to express their appreciation of pictures through finding their own, describing it and sharing it with the class. Students will also write an acronym for their name and will be introduced to the group by a classmate.
Week 3:
Me Collage
Formal Speech Introductions
Objective: Students will create present their “Me Collage” to the class that expresses their interests and likes. Students will also begin Formal Speech work through learning how to create formal introductions.
Week 4:
Body and Conclusion
Introduction to informative speeches.
How to Critique Speeches
Objective: Students will learn how to create formal speeches and be given examples of informative speech topics to create a speech for. Students will also learn how to critique classmates’ speeches.

Week 5:
Informative Speech Presentations
Objective: Students will have the opportunity to present their formal speeches and have classmates critique them.

Week 6:
Persuasive Unit
Vote Me for President!
Objective: Students will develop great persuasive speech techniques through the “Vote Me For President” activity and Persuasive Speech Group Project.
Week 7:
Persuasive Company Group Project
In The News Project
Objective: Students will learn the importance of working together as a group and using effective persuasion skills through presentation.

Week 8
In The News Project
becoming aware of what’s happening in the news. We will create a News Station for the class and they will report the news. This is designed to help students improve their ability to speak and have engaging conversations.

Week 9
Continue in the News Project
Introduction to Special Occasions Speeches
Objective: Students will continue with News Station presentations to advance their Public Speaking Skills. Students will also be introduced to special occasion speeches and choose which type to prepare for the next class.

Week 10:
Special Occasion Speech Presentations
Famous Speeches
Objective: Students will be presenting their chosen special occasion speech. We will also discuss and view several famous speeches that are popular and have students choose a 2 to three minute speech to recite from a famous person for the next class period.

Week 11:
Famous Speech presentations
Introduction to the Art Gallery Group Project.
Objective: Students will present a declamation speech written by a famous person
They will also be introduced to the Speech Art Gallery Group Project to present the benefits and important highlights of Public Speaking.

Week 12:
Speech Art Gallery Group Project
Objective: Student will present their virtual art gallery featuring “Public Speaking” as the art exhibit.

Week 13
Speaker’s Choice
Students will be given the choice on which type of speech will be their final presentation. The teacher will prepare each student for their perspective speeches.

Week 14
Speaker’s Choice Continued.
Objective: Students will be critiqued by classmates on the final speech project to prepare for the speech competition the following week.

Week 15
Speech Contest
Objective: Students will deliver their final speech presentations and will be judged in a competition.


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