Lego Robotics Essential Foundation

Ustar provides systematic study of Lego Robotics Learning System, where we focus on igniting students’ passion for STEAM learning through playful problem solving and storytelling, preparing them to be resilient, independent thinkers.

We use LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential set, which is the cross-curricular STEAM solution for primary education. SPIKE Essential engages students in hands-on investigation of STEAM concepts while contributing to literacy, math, and social-emotional development. Standards-aligned learning units use everyday themes, relatable Minifigures with different personalities and familiar LEGO® building elements to solve problems through storytelling.

Great Adventure
Level 1A

7 projects

1. Boat Trip: Maria and Sofie are going on a boat trip! How will they get their boat into the water?

2. Arctic Ride: Leo is going on an Arctic adventure to see polar bears. How can he use his snowmobile to get there?

3. Cave Car: Daniel wonders what lives inside a dark cave. What do you think is hiding in the dark?

4. Animal Alarm: Leo doesn’t want to miss any of the animals walking by his campsite while he’s asleep. How can his animal alarm help him?

5. Underwater Quest: Maria is curious to explore life below the sea. How can she get the submarine in and out of the water?

6. Treehouse Camp: Sofie is looking forward to seeing the moon from her treehouse! How can she open the treehouse roof for a great view of the sky?

7.The Great Desert Adventure: It’s time for another great adventure. Help the team reach the pyramids!

Amazing Amusement Park
Level 1B

8 projects

1. The Fast Lane: Help Leo enter the amusement park with the Fast Lane!

2. Classic Carousel: Create a new spinning ride for Sofie to try!

3. The Perfect Swing: Maria doesn’t want a ride that goes too fast. Do you think the swing will be a perfect fit?

4. Snack Stand: Oh, no! Daniel dropped his snack. Help him get a new one from the snack stand.

5. Twirling Teacups: Round and round! Sofie and Leo are excited to try this new spinning ride today.

6. The Spinning Ferris Wheel: The team wants to ride the Ferris Wheel together. How can you help them?

7. The Most Amazing Amusement Park: It’s time to create your very own amusement park ride!

8. Remix the Ride: It’s time to help get an unfinished ride ready for the amusement park!

Happy Traveller
Level 2A

7 projects

1. Break Dance: Synchronize motor movements of a “break dancer” to keep in rhythm with light and beats.

2. Repeat Workout: Use variables to count the number of sit-ups and calories burned during a workout.

3. Rain Or Shine? Create a way of displaying a weather forecast using qualitative cloud data.

4. Wind Speed: Create a way to display wind speed using quantitative cloud data

5. Veggie Loave: Use live forecast data to decide whether tomato plants will need to be watered this week.

6. Brain Game: Record multiple values at the same time in an array (list), and compare values.

7. Let’s be the Coach (part A): Design, build, and program a training coach to improve the process of mastering something.

8. Let’s be the Coach (part B) : Design, build, and program a training coach to improve the process of mastering something.

9. Code Your Own Move: Unplugged coding: Use pseudocode to write a program for a dance move.

Crazy Carnival Games
Level 2B

7 projects

1. Driving Around: Build a Practice Driving Base and make precise and controlled movements.

2. Playing with Objects : Use sensors to control motors and interact with objects on the competition field.

3. Reacting to Lines: Write programs using the Color Sensor to make the Driving Base autonomous.

4. Mission Possible 2022: Coach your team through a real FIRST LEGO League mission and prepare them for the challenges to come!

5. Assembling an Advanced Driving Base: Use effective teamwork to build and present a strong competition-ready Driving Base.

6. My Code, Our Program: Use My Blocks to write organized programs that’ll help the Advanced Driving Base perform quickly and reliably.

7. Time for an Upgrade: Build motorized tools that can help solve competition tasks.

8. Mission Ready: Use controlled motor movements, sensors, and organized programs to solve a practice competition challenge in the shortest amount of time.

9. Mission Training: Creative Problem-Solving: Build your mission strategy skills. Use the design process to develop a creative solution to a problem.

Quirky Creations
Level 2B

8 projects

1. Good Morning Machine: Help Leo say “good morning” to his friends!

2.Big Little Helper: Daniel’s locker is overflowing. How can he get all his things home?

3.High-Tech Playground: What do you think a high-tech playground would look like? Help Maria design something new for her friends!

4.Trash Monster Machine: Help Sofie create a new way for her friends to throw out their trash.

5.Winning Goal: How can Maria’s soccer game be more like a computer game?

6.Literary Randomizer: How can Daniel’s literary randomizer make picking a book more exciting?

7.Your School Creation: It’s time to create your very own invention for the team’s classroom!

8.Loads of Laundry: Leo needs some help picking up his laundry. What could you build to help him?