Beast Academy 2-3 (1 on 1 Spring Class)-20 lessons

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Class Time: Every Thursday and Sunday, 5:00-6:00 PM (central time)

Class Date: 3/19/2020-5/30/2020

Lessons: 20

Teacher: Ms. Tan

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Beast Academy 2A covers the following topics:

Place Value : Digits, ones, tens, hundreds, breaking and regrouping, adding and subtracting 1, 10, or 100.
Comparing : The number line, distance, consecutive numbers, using < and >, ordering numbers.
Addition : Sums, place value strategies, counting up, adding and taking away, doubles, making 10’s and 100’s, friendly sums.

About the Teacher:








Ms. Tan, Founder of Joy Education Consultant. Over 20 years of fortune 500 company working experience. Master in Chemical Engineering from Univ. of Colorado at Boulder. Ms. Tan has taught mathematics for elementary and middle school for 15 years. She taught contest math at local Chinese schools and Idea Math in Texas and helped lots of students improve their test scores. She is also a Girl Scout troop leader, various school and community events volunteer.

Class Time:

Every Thursday and Satuarday 5-6pm Central Time

Homework will be assigned and reviewed. Please plan to attend all classes.


Paper and pen are always a must in math classes – please have them ready.

Before each lesson, make sure you have your homework close by.

What is the Beast Academy?
Beast Academy is the new elementary-school math curriculum from Art of Problem Solving. Beast Academy provides a full, rigorous, and entertaining curriculum for aspiring math beasts in grades 2-5.


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