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Open House

Animated Story: Scratch High Seas Starter Project

Week 1

Cat and Mouse Game

Create a game in which a mouse is following the user’s mouse pointer, while the cat tries to catch the mouse.

Making Music (Scratch Tutorials)

Students learn to choose sprites for musical instruments and set the instruments to play notes or a series of notes using forever blocks.   Students also learn the difference between different event blocks such as “when sprite is clicked” and “when flag is clicked”.

Week 2

Interactive Thanksgiving Game: Help the Turkey Get His Feathers Back

Students learn to make a Thanksgiving game using blocks like If, Forever, touching, go to, and switch to costume.

Week 3

Figurative Language

Students explore Figurative Language with an emphasis on metaphors, similes, personification, hyperbole, and idioms.

Week 4

An Unusual Discovery

Two characters meet in a world and discover a surprising object. Students get to decide what happens next by creating a story with code.

Week 5

Code Your Hero

Students will choose an everyday hero from their own life and build a story or game using code that gives their hero superpowers.

Week 6

An Unusual Discovery

Learn about computer science and Scratch and then use storytelling to create and animate two sprites.

Week 7

Gumball’s Coding Adventure

In this collaboration between Cartoon Network and CS First, students tell a story using the characters from “The Amazing World of Gumball.”

Week 8


Students use code to tell fun and interactive stories. Storytelling emphasizes creativity by encouraging students to tell a unique story each day.

Week 9

Gaming Story

Learn about CS First and Scratch, then create a gaming story.

Week 10

Racing Game

Create a two-player racing game in which users control movement with the keyboard.

Week 11

Maze Game

Create a game in which the user guides a sprite through a maze.

Week 12

Platform Game

Create and learn about platform games. Students program a player sprite to move and jump across platforms.

Week 13

Escape Game

Create an escape game in which a player must avoid other sprites that move randomly.

Week 14

Launcher Game

Create a launcher game using key press events, clones, and variables.

Week 15

Quest Game

Learn how to use storytelling in video game design while building an RPG style Quest Game.

About the Teacher

Mr. Ethan has been teaching coding for 7 years.  He has a Master’s in Applied Linguistics – ESL.  He has been a computer teacher at schools in Thailand, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and in the USA.   Some of his favorite subjects to teach are Tinkercad Designing, Lego Movie Maker, Green Screen Film Making and Pixlr Image Editing.

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