Writing G3-4 3-4 Small Group (01/24-05/02) Sun 4:10-5:10 PM CDT -15lessons-Ayala-2021 Spring


Class Time: Sunday, 4:10-5:10 PM CDT

Class Date: 1/24-5/2

Lessons: 15

Teacher: Ayala

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This 3rd grade Reading and writing curriculum helps students focus on becoming reading & writing experts while preparing them for the next grade level. The writing course provides instruction in fundamental composition skills to prepare students for school
tests and exams. The course emphasizes the mastery of grammar usage, punctuation, sentence
structures, and clear writing purpose.

The 3rd grade Writing students writes a variety of types of texts including:

Students write about an event, describing actions, thoughts, and feelings, and provide a conclusion.

Opinion Pieces: Students state their opinions and provide reasons to support them, closing with a conclusion.

Lesson Breakdown:

Lesson 1: Context reading, Prediction writing practice: What Happened Next?
Lesson 2: Four types of Sentences & writing practice
Lesson 3: Stretching sentences: Adding details to sentences,
adjectives and adverbs writing practice
Lesson 4: Plan Your Story: Sequence of Events, logical writing practice
Lesson 5: Fact VS Opinion reading and prompts writing practice
Lesson 6: Letter Write: Persuasive opinion writing
Lesson 7: Research Writing: Animal Life cycles All Around writing practice
Lesson 8: Haiku Syllables and Haiku Poem writing
Lesson 9: Map a Story: Prompts writing practice
Lesson 10: Research Writing: Explore Nature, five senses.
Lesson 11: Here’s What I Think: My Best… Prompts writing
Lesson 12: Analyzing story elements: Dissecting stories
Lesson 13: Information presentation: venn diagram
Lesson 14: Research writing: Holidays Around the World
Lesson 15: The Five W’s Writing Practice
Lesson 16: Informative Writing Prompts Writing
Lesson 17: Personal narrative: Beginning, Middle, End
Lesson 18: Picture Writing prompts
Lesson 19: Sensory Words Writing Prompts
Lesson 20: Thank You notes writing prompts, Creative Writing writing practice

About the teacher

Hi, I’m Ms. Ayala,  I have been an educator since 2006.  I have taught all levels of English and Literature including Middle and High School levels as well as regular, honors, Pre IB and AP Literature. My passion for Literature is my best teaching quality followed by my ability to make connections with students.  My passion for education also grew into completing all of my Doctoral work in the field of Higher Education, which assists me to understand what Colleges expect from their students. 

When I am not sharing my passion for books with students, I am sharing my time with my family, especially my three boys in Roswell, Ga.  I am looking forward to sharing my life’s passion with you and making you successful in fulfilling your goals.


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