Spring Debate Tournament (free to observe)

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Class Time: Friday, 9:00-11:30 AM CDT

Class Date: 5/29

Lessons: 1

Teacher: Ms. Bell


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We will host the Spring Debate Tournament on Friday at 9:00-11:30 AM CDT.  Our students who attended the public speaking/debate class will show off their talents.  You can enroll to observe as an audience.

We will have the new Debate class in Summer. Welcome to enroll the Debate trial class.

Debate (G5-8)-L2 Summer-Trial Lesson

Course Overview:

This class is designed to teach elementary and middle school students that are interested in Debate, argumentation skills that will enable them to develop confidence, self-esteem, critical thinking skills, creativity, and leadership. Participants will have a chance to improve their communication skills in a safe and secure environment. The classes aim to equip children to structure arguments, prepare debate cases, research evidence, write rebuttal briefs, deliver speeches, and refute arguments. It will also prepare them to join high school speech and debate teams in the future.


Who should take?

Recommended grade 5-8.

 What you will learn?

  • Effective vocal techniques
  • Effective Body Language
  • Peer to Peer Evaluation
  • Confidence in expressing individual thoughts and opinions, as well as researched facts
  • Proper Speech organization
  • Accuracy and frequency in citing sources
  • Formulate, organize, and articulate thoughts and knowledge quickly
  • Understanding debate format

Course breakdown:

Weeks 1- 3:

Resolution Debates

Claim, Warrant, Impacts

Objective: Students will be introduced to critical thinking and problem solving skills as they are introduced to defending arguments.


Week 4:

Organized Group Debate rounds

Objective: Students will participate in their first organized/formal debate round that is timed and structured.


Week 5:

Resolution Debates Advanced Topics

Research and Effective Flowing(note taking)

Objective: Students will learn more in depth information about analyzing resolutions and the importance of flowing in a debate round.

Week 6:

Professional Single Debates

Super Debate Tournaments

Objective: Students will demonstrate their knowledge of debate through a professional debate tournament online with judges.

Week 7:

Debate Vocabulary Activity: Let’s Go To the Movies

New Resolution Topic Discussion

Objective: Continue extensive rebuttal speech training and debate rounds.


Week 8:

Debate Rounds

Objective: Continue extensive rebuttal speech training and debate rounds.


Week 9:

Debate Rounds

Objective: Continue extensive rebuttal speech training and debate rounds.


Week 10:

Debate Rounds

Objective: Continue extensive rebuttal speech training and debate rounds.


Week 11

Congressional Debate: Passing the Bill

Objective: Students will learn the steps to getting a bill passed through congress.


Week 12-15

Congressional Debate: Bill creation and Congressional Debate Procedures

Objective: Students will create bills for competition and understand/practice the steps to participating in a congressional debate round.


Week 16-20

Partner Debate/Policy Debate: Students will use the Congressional Debate Bills to create a policy debate topic for debate rounds.

Objective: Students will learn the third style of debate:policy or CX debate .  They will choose a partner to research and prepare for debate rounds.

About the Teacher

Ms. Bell has nearly 20 years of teaching and leadership experience in education. She received her bachelor’s Degree in Speech Education in 1998 (Northwestern State University) and Master of Education in 2007 (Texas A&M-Commerce). Ms. Bell has coached several district, regional, state, and national speech and debate team competitors. Her most recent accomplishment was receiving the first Diamond Award which was given by the National Speech and Debate Association to coaches for building successful speech teams (June 2018 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.)



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