English Reading and Writing (G4)- 1 on 1 class


1 on 1 Student Centered Learning and Engagement Class

*Price is unit price per 1 hour class

Class Time: Every Saturday, 7:00-8:00 PM (Central Time)

Class Date: 8/17/2019 -

Lessons: 10+

Teacher: Ms. Ayala

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Course Description

The 4th grade writing and reading curriculum is designed to teach students the tools and mechanics of English writing. The writing curriculum focuses on the writing process along with parts of reading strategies. Students will learn to improve their writing with elaboration, sentence variety, word choice, voice, and conventions. Various writing purposes will be explored through assigned pieces including narrative, informative and persuasive writing about a variety of topics. The students use details and organization to write persuasive essays. They will also use their script to share their unique ideas and perspectives.

Knowledge and skills (What you’ll learn)

  • The structure and organization of the writing
  • How to write effective beginnings (leads)
  • Using transition words and phrases to help the flow of the writing
  • Using a variety of sentence types and structures
  • Choosing the most effective words
  • How to include various types of figurative language
  • How to write effective conclusions
  • Receive instruction and practice with reading both fiction and nonfiction on above level resources.
  • Practice reading fluency and gain comprehension skills
  • Practice word study skills

Class Date: 8/17

Class Time: 7:00-8:00 PM (central time)

About the teacher








Ms. Ayala has been an educator since 2006.  She has taught all levels of English and Literature including Elementary, Middle and High School levels as well as regular, honors, Pre IB and AP Literature.

“My passion for Literature is my best teaching quality followed by my ability to make connections with students.  My passion for education also grew into getting a Master’s in Education and completing all of my Doctoral work in the field of Higher Education, which assists me to understand what Colleges expect from their students.”

  • Majored in English Literature
  • Hold a Master in Education
  • PhD (ABD) in Education  
  • Certified English teacher
  • Private school English teacher  
  • Taught all levels of English Writing and Reading
  • Taught regular, honors, Pre IB and AP literature


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