English Reading Club – G6-Mr. Ray


Class Time: Tuesday, 7:00-8:00PM CDT

Class Date: 5/19

Lessons: 1

Teacher: Ms. Ray

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Course Description

The students will choose a book, and then read a portion of the book every week. During class, we will go over various aspects of what has been read. This will include character analysis, plot development, vocabulary, inflection points of significant impact, and relation to the events and people in our lives. We will also read a few select paragraphs in class as a group.

Course Outcomes

Depending on the book chosen, the outcomes would vary slightly. But each book has a rich vocabulary bank, moral lessons about society, and in – depth characters. By meeting together and discussing each portion as a group, I hope to enhance the skills of critical analysis and thinking from different points of view.

List of books to choose from

Book: Divergent

Author: Veronica Roth

Short Introduction: Main character (Tris Prior) lives in a futuristic world where society is divided into five factions based on personality traits. Tris discovers she is a Divergent, meaning she doesn’t fit into any of the factions. Tris discovers that tensions for a possible war are mounting.

Book: Maze Runner

Author: James Dashner

Short Introduction: Main character (Thomas) wakes up in a place called the Glade, which is a large field / wooded area surrounded by a maze. There are about 30 teenage – aged boys there. They split into two groups: One group is willing to risk their life to try and escape, and the other group is wanting to hang onto what they’ve got and survive.

Book: Hunger games

Author: Suzanne Collins

Short Introduction: Katniss Everdeen, a dirt-poor teenager who becomes a hero after victory in a life-or-death televised gladiator-style contest that’s obsessively watched all over the country.

Book: To kill a mockingbird

Author: Harper Lee

Short Introduction: The story of a young girl confronting deep-seated prejudice, it pits a six-year-old Scout Finch and her (relatively) anti-racist family against the segregation of an American South in the grip of Jim Crow.

Book: Huckleberry Finn

Author: Mark Twain

Short Introduction: This story brings together two people from the lower rungs of society, an ill-educated boy escaping an abusive father and a kind, strong man escaping slavery, and puts them on a raft going down the Mississippi River.

Book: Nectar in a Sieve

Author: Kamala Markandaya

Short Introduction: The book is set in India during a period of intense urban development and is the chronicle of the marriage between Rukmani, youngest daughter of a village headman, and Nathan, a tenant farmer. The story is told in the first person by Rukmani, beginning from her arranged marriage to Nathan at the age of 12. Rukmani and Nathan love each other and their marriage begins in relative peace and plenty, but then a large tannery is built in the neighboring village that slowly takes away from their quality of life.

Book: 80 days around the world

Author: Jules Verne

Short Introduction: Phileas Fogg is an English gentleman who has agreed to a wager of 40,000 pounds that he can travel around the world in 80 days.

Book: Treasure Island

Author: Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson

Short Introduction: This book, set in 1881, in the days of sailing ships and pirates, tells of the adventures of Jim Hawkins and his search for the buried treasure of a pirate, Captain Flint.

Book: Lord of the Flies

Author: William Golding

Short Introduction: In the novel, children are evacuated from Britain because of a nuclear war. One airplane, with adults and prep-school boys as passengers, crashes on an uninhabited island, and all the adults are killed. As the boys fashion their own society, their attempts at establishing a social order gradually devolve into savagery.

About the teacher

Mr Ray , 7 years of teaching experience, worked at  local middle school as an English Language Arts Teacher . He taught 6th-12th grade students reading and writing for literature and informational texts. His teaching philosophy is to see to every student’s unique needs and demands. He like to use wide range of formative and summative class activities to closely monitor students’ growth. In 2017-2018, he worked with 22% on-grade-level students at the beginning of the school year. By the end of the year, the End Of Grade Exam data have shown that 64%  of his students have achieved on/above Grade level.



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