English Writing & Reading (G7-8)-L1/L2-15 lessons


Class Time: Every Friday, 9:00 – 10:00 PM (Central Time)

Class Date: 8/30-12/13/2019 (no class on nov 22)

Lessons: 15

Teacher: Ms. Glassford

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The 7th-8th-grade writing curriculum Focuses on academic writing.  Provides instruction in drafting and revising essays that express ideas in Standard English, including reading critically, thinking logically, responding to texts, addressing specific audiences, and researching and documenting credible academic sources. Includes review of grammar, mechanics, and usage. All materials are grade appropriate.

Target Students:

7th-8th graders

About the teacher


Mrs. Glassford holds a Master of Arts in English, Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies. She continues her education in a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. She is currently a High School and Middle School Teacher of English Composition. She has taught 10th-grade Pre-AP/Honors American Literature, 8th grade Middle School English Literature, 11th and 12th grade World Literature. It includes tutoring for ACT Prep, English 6-12th grade, and college level English 101/102.


What you’ll learn?

  • Develop an appropriate and articulate thesis in an essay using adequate support, sound reasoning, and valid evidence.
  • Plan, draft, revise, edit, and proof read to produce well-written essays.
  • Write in Standard English that is appropriate to purpose and audience.
  • Respond in writing to college-level reading material to demonstrate comprehension of author’s purpose, main idea, and organization.
  • Use library search tools in find print/non-print materials.


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