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Class Time: Saturday 11:30-12:30pm CDT

Class Date: 03/27-07/03

Lessons: 15

Teacher: Saima

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Science course plan 1st-2nd grade 2020
Learning objectives:- Students will acquire a broad range of skills for understanding the natural world around them. They will start making detailed observations, drawing conclusions from data, and even learn how to make use of the information they gather.

Unit 1: The cycle of life: Plants and animals have predictable life cycles.
Lesson 1- Animals can be divided into five distinct groups: mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians.
Lesson 2- Parts of plants and plant habitat.
Lesson 3- Photosynthesis and Pollination.

Unit 2 : Matter: Materials come in solid, liquid, and gas forms, and matter can change states.
Lesson 4- What is matter and states of matter ?.
Lesson 5- Properties of matter , Solid, liquid and gas.

Unit 3 : The human body: The skeletal, muscular, digestive and nervous systems, and how to take care of the body.
Lesson 6- Muscles and the muscular system
Lesson 7- Stomach and the digestive system
Lesson 8- Heart and the circulatory system
Lesson 9- Brain and the nervous system.

Unit 4 : Insects: The parts of the insect — abdomen, thorax and head — and their life cycles.
Lesson 10- Classification of insects.
Lesson 11- Life cycle of a butterfly, Metamorphosis.

Unit 5: Discovering Habitats : Ecosystems and Biome classification.
Lesson 12- Animal Adaptations.
Lesson 13- What is a biome? What are the six major biomes in the world? Talk about (tundra, evergreen forest, deciduous forest)
Lesson 14- Features of Grasslands, rainforest and desert.
Lesson 15- Identify and describe habitats (e.g., wetland, meadow, forest, lake, river, ocean, pond).

About the teacher

Mrs. Saima holds a bachelor’s degree in Education and dual bachelor’s degree in Science. She has taught English to children for 16 years. Currently, she is working as an online English instructor, teaching kids aged 4-14 years. She loves teaching and watching the young minds shape and mold into wonderful readers and writers. Her job as a facilitator is to develop enriching, engaging lessons that stretch the thinking of all the young students.


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