Young reader (5.5-7)-Small Group (3-4 students) – Ms. Saima (补差额)

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上课时间: Mon.-Fri., 3:00-4:00 PM CDT

上课日期: 6/8-7/3

课时数: 20

老师: Ms. Saima

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Young Reader Program will have a balanced mix of grade-leveled stories, children’s stories (including fiction, non-fiction, and poems), fables, and comprehension-targeted reading exercise.

This is what students will be expecting from this course:

Grade-leveled stories:

There will be 4 levels within the same grade in my class to ensure every student progress and thrive.

leveled based on a number of factors related to text complexity such as vocabulary, word size, sentence length, amount of repetitiveness and subject matter complexity.

Each successive level introduces a greater reading challenge .

Children’s stories:

Students will be reading fiction, non-fiction, and poetry with a rich variety of topics from the three major subjects: English language arts, science, and social study.


Fables are rich in teaching traditions, customs, and histories. They are not only fun to read but also an amazing tool to sparkle young readers interests in reading and speed up their reading skills.

Comprehension-targeted reading exercise:

Focused on building abilities to master essential reading skills such as

  • main ideas & details Sequencing
  • Story elements
  • Conclusion & inferences
  • Cause & effect
  • Fact VS opinion

Course Breakdown

Stories week 1 Genre – Narrative Nonfiction  (Reading levels J & K )

Your Fantastic Elastic Brain.

Animal Legs.

Tooth by tooth

Turtle turtle Watch out.

Please Don’t wake the animals- A book about Sleep.

Stories week 2 Genre  – Fiction- Mystery ( Reading Level K- O)

Animal Supermarket.

Moose on the Loose.

Tornado Tamer.

What’s Next Nina?

Back to School.

Stories Week 3 Genre – Nonfiction  (Reading levels l – O )

Let’s Meet a Police Officer.

Let’s Meet a Doctor.

This is my Town.

This is My Country.

Go Easy on Energy.

Stories Week 4 Genre – Fiction (Reading levels K – O )

Fluffy’s funny field trip.


Jeffery and Sloth

Poppy & Sam and the Mole mystery

Three little Beavers

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G1, G2, Kindergarten


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