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  • Little OratorsCourse Description: This class is designed to teach elementary  students the fundamentals of public speaking that will enable them to develop confidence, self-esteem, critical thinking skills, creativity, and leadership. Participants will have a chance to improve their communication skills in a safe and secure environment. Time duration: 1 hour.Course Breakdown and ObjectivesWeek 1:Getting To Know You ActivitiesStory Telling

    Objective: Students will have the opportunity to get to know each other through expressing likes and dislikes, discovering things we all have in common, and the basics of being a supportive audience member when others are speaking. Students will also be able to express their creativity and imagination skills through group story telling.(See powerpoint for explanation of story telling activity)

    Week 2:

    The Me Box Activity

    Public Speaking Vocabulary

    Objective: Students will express their personality and things they enjoy through the “Me Box” Activity. This will help them to get comfortable with speaking to others in a group. Students will also learn basic public speaking vocabulary in order to prepare for their first formal speech.

    Week 3:

    Coming Soon to Theatres Activity

    What are you teaching the World? Inspirational Speech Activity

    Objective: Students will create a movie trailer/poster identifying the public speaking vocabulary and present to the class. This will give them the opportunity to learn the terms and exercise their creativity skills along with presenting before the group. This Class will also introduce the very first formal speech presentation and practice session.

    Week 4:

    Voice Drills Activity To Improve Articulation

    What are you Teaching The World? Speech Delivery Presentations

    Objective: Students will learn the importance of articulation and correct pronunciation of words and appropriate volume when delivering speeches. This class will also have students to deliver their first formal speech presentation.

    Week 5:

    Persuasive Speech Unit

    Let’s Sell a Product!

    Objective: Students will have the opportunity to work with a partner or on their own to create and sell a product. If student works with a partener they must both present. This will improve their ability to persuade and introduce students to the persuasive unit.

    Week 6:

    Persuasive Unit Continues

    Present Commercials

    Vote Me for President!

    Objective: Students will continue to learn further instruction on developing great persuasive speech techniques through the “Vote Me For President” activity. Students will also have the opportunity to ask candidates questions for clarification and continued persuasive techniques.

    Week 7:

    The Beautiful Speech

    Objective: Students will find pictures of objects, people, and sights that they find are beautiful and present for a grade. The purpose is to be able to express their point of view without being afraid to do so.

    Week 8

    My Favorite Story

    Objective: Students will demonstrate their ability to tell a great story through using book creator. This will enhance creative thinking and communication skills.

    Week 9:

    Demonstration Speech

    Objective: Students will be deliver a speech explaining how to do something. Week 9 we will work on how to organize the speech.

    Week 10:

    Demonstration Speech Presentation

    *Activities may vary pending the pace of the class.

    * Students will be given homework assignments.

About the Teacher

Ms. Adaeze has coached all levels of students in debate, speech, and drama. She has earned several awards including Phi Ro Pi National Champion of Speech and Debate as well as district, regional, state, and national recognition in high school and collegiate interpretational speech. She has experience in cross-examinational debate, extemporaneous speaking, and prose/dramatic interpretation. She aims to encourage, entertain, and educate her students to become the best versions of themselves.




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